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Eczanes is an innovative Pharmaceuticals Company founded in 2011.

Specialising in pain relief of conditions, ailments and activities - our products and 100% all natural ingredients have a long history of use in western herbal medicine for the relief of pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, menstrual, muscular and joint pain, plus muscle fatigue and soreness.

Our market leading research and development ensures we deliver consistent results with our products through a unique approach of cutting-edge medical manufacturing and partnership with our customers to restore health and create healing.

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The Original Pain Relief Cream

Soodox Pain Relief Cream targets aching joints & muscles, provides temporary relief of arthritic conditions, muscular & joint pain. With our original formula, there's now an inexpensive, natural way for you to get temporary relief from the suffering and mobility restrictions of arthritic and muscular pain conditions - that's non-greasy, has no-heat, is low odour, and works.


Our range of products

With the scientifically engineered yet 100% all natural ingredients of Soodox Original, Soodox for Women, and Soodox Active, we have a product that is designed and tested to provide you with great temporary pain relief.

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What Do People Think?

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  • Wayne
  • Janeen
  • Marena
  • Wayne Jones

    My job as a plant mechanic sees me twisting and bending myself into all manner of awkward shapes to remove and replace parts underneath, inside or on top of the machinery. I am approaching 50 years old and am finding I just don't bend that well any more which often results in annoying neck and shoulder pain, making it difficult to sleep at times. Soodox seems to have worked well for me and I have used it several times since on sprained ankles and other muscular pain. I highly recommend this product, just give it a try like I did.

  • Janeen Szuba

    After trying all sorts of pain relief creams I started using Soodox Arthritis cream on my hands and legs. Almost immediately the pain had gone, I used it twice daily for two weeks, then thought I'd stop to see if there was any difference. Yes! the pain returned, so now I use it regularly. I suggested Soodox cream to my sister, again one very happy customer, she in turn told the girls at work and they are all using it. The nursing home my sister works at has tried it on patients with great results.

  • Marena Duncanson

    I have sore knees and have tried various products, but to no avail. Then I tried Soodox, had almost instant relief and now I can't live without it. I recommended Soodox to my mother who has arthritis in her hands. I told her to just give it a go, and when she did, she couldn't believe the instant relief she had. One of our customers found it very painful to move her fingers and asked me to suggest something. I told her that I use Soodox and she said she'd try anything. The following week, she came in dancing and moving her fingers and really couldn't believe the results. She bought another two tubes of Soodox and I'd say is another happy customer.

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