Eczanes Pharmaceuticals is an innovative Pharmaceuticals Company founded in 2011 and has been actively trading within Australia and overseas.

Our Market leading Research and development ensures we deliver consistent results with our products through a unique approach of cutting-edge medical manufacturing and partnership with our customers. 

We are a full-service business with a complete suite of in-house brand management capabilities, including sales and marketing, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, business development and warehousing. Today, we are one of the leading independent Australian owned and based customer healthcare companies and distributors of pharmaceutical products sold over-the-counter (OTC). We have an outstanding portfolio of leading consumer healthcare brands, a number of which are number one or two in their categories. 

In addition to marketing and distributing customer healthcare products owned by Eczanes Pharmaceuticals, we also in-license products from other companies.
Our strong history of in-licensing, collaboration, innovation, and value creation makes us a partner of choice for overseas companies looking to develop their brand assets locally.